The thinking that guides us

The future is really bright, sometimes it just needs to be understood.

Our Story

7 years ago we could see the world was changing. Software was giving businesses new ways to be better, faster, more connected.

But… changes were slow, because people find it hard to change.

So what did we do?

  1. We listened

    to global organisations ranging from small and mid-size companies to Fortune 500 enterprises and their problems around user adoption. We heard their adoption problems and felt their pain.

  2. We researched

    into why change is so hard and why people, not software, were the key barrier for adoption. We analysed diverse investments and their productivity failures.

  3. We innovated

    to develop software that doesn't just help users, but gives business leaders the information they need to see and improve the full adoption picture.

Our vision

Every second of every day, someone is using our insights to embrace and deliver positive change.

Our work is taking hold across the world

  • 5M+
    users of AppLearn software and training
  • 172
    countries with employees using our products
  • 34
    languages spoken
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How we work

As a team, we are researchers, consultants, educationalists, software developers and instructional designers. As a business, our adoption solutions help organisations achieve and sustain real value across their business.

Our Leadership

  • Mark Barlow

    Mark Barlow


    CEO and Founder of AppLearn in 2011. Mark is an Entrepreneur with a vision to make the future easy to use for everyone. His current passion is advancing the IT space to help global business realise their investment in technology and thrive.

  • Andrew Barlow

    Andrew Barlow

    Director, Product Strategy

    Pioneer and creator of ADOPT our leading software adoption platform, Andy’s vision and passion led to the creation of ADOPT which now addresses software adoption challenges for millions of people globally. He advises on product strategy and oversees the development roadmap to ensure we deliver continual unique and world class features and value for our clients.

  • Adam Prickett

    Adam Prickett


    As CFO of AppLearn, Adam oversees Finance, HR and Central Services. Adam is PwC trained with global experience focusing on the IT software sector. An ACA qualified Chartered Accountant with a passion for driving business growth through excellence in risk v return management.

  • Dave Inman

    Dave Inman

    Commercial Director

    Dave runs our ship and makes sure our operations and commercial activities are in order. Previously CEO at Qikker Solutions, VP Europe at a network management software company and European Marketing Director for Anixter, Dave has countless experience in successful business management.

  • Beth Cooper

    Beth Cooper

    Global Marketing Director

    Global Marketing Director, Beth has over 20 years experience and is a passionate experienced Brand and Digital Marketer having worked for many of the worlds leading brands across all sectors both client and agencyside and has also run her own successful consultancy. She is excited to share AppLearn’s unique brand proposition and story with the world.

  • Bob Nicklin

    Bob Nicklin


    Bob, our CTO is responsible for leading the company’s technology strategy and ADOPT, our world leading adoption platform. An IT genius with 35 years experience Bob leads a skilled team of developers managing infrastructure, architecture, data, services and importantly the security, governance, compliance and data protection for AppLearn and ADOPT.

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