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75% more likely to be viewed as a strategic partner if you have high HR technology adoption.* Sierra Cedar - (2016-2017) HR Systems survey

High levels of adoption using HR Technology also delivers greater revenue per employee.

So what are the challenges?

Your Cornerstone® project only works as well as the people who need to use it are at understanding it and championing it.

  • Outdated methods just don’t work anymore

    Classroom training, email comms and user champions are antiquated and easily forgotten over time.

  • New features and software updates

    Scheduled training and user guides are outdated quickly in where quarterly software updates are the norm.

  • Job role changes

    Every business team changes. Motivation can be impacted when user champions move on.

ADOPT for Cornerstone®

ADOPT is one of its kind. A market leading strategic software adoption platform. Powering organizational process change communication and system training for any SaaS application. It supports end-to-end digital transformation, from pre to go-live to post.

On-demand Cornerstone® training

  • Meets the needs of time-constrained HR staff

    ADOPT shows people how to perform common tasks, such as administration, onboarding and essential procedures.

  • Motivates people to learn and improve

    ADOPT works inside Cornerstone® there when people need it. Innovative technologies like Split Screen and Smart Pages remove the frustrations and make people more efficient.

  • Personalized training that is always up to date

    No more training sessions on functions that will never be used. ADOPT will always provide training support that is relevant to the latest version of Cornerstone®

Measure the impact of your investment in Cornerstone®

  • Measure what works and what doesn’t so you can improve your team’s performance

    ADOPT isn’t just a user training add-on. It works at every level of your business cloud to provide data on every process.

  • See adoption improvements in real time

    ADOPT Core Analytics and Advanced Analytics are at the heart of your organizational change strategy.

  • Understand how adoption is influencing your users

    ADOPT Feedback can be preconfigured to question your users at chosen markers within Cornerstone®. Recognize collective user opinion to better your adoption strategy.

Employee HCM Cycle using ADOPT

Joanna Merry, Head of HR EMEA

"AppLearn's ADOPT Platform enabled managers and employees to understand our unique reasons for change and access training exactly when they needed it."

Joanna Merry, Head of HR EMEA
M+W Group

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