So what’s the big picture?

Industry research suggests that 75% of business transformation projects fail.

So how does ADOPT solve that problem?
By communicating your SaaS change vision at every point of your business, reaching everyone from frontline users to strategic decision makers.

Working across your business

Working across your business

Learning and adoption

for Employees

However well-designed a new SAAS platform is, there's always a learning curve. ADOPT is there to help users tackle this, one-to-one and just in time.

  • ADOPT works inside your apps

    Publish and display on-demand contextual content inside your SaaS platforms.

  • Communicate, listen and motivate

    Tailor resources to the cultural, linguistic and experiential requirements of your workforce.

Planning and communication

for Project Teams

ADOPT gives project teams and administrators the tools they need to drive software adoption, from detailed visibility to content publication to reporting and analysis.

  • Measure what you manage

    Monitor adoption data and react to training issues based on real-time data.

  • Get the power of the Content Cloud

    Develop and publish from your unique library of videos, prompts, tutorials and more.

Strategic Insights

for Executives

For leaders, ADOPT is the key to achieving real change and ROI. Advanced Analytics and insights mean the path to lasting transformation has never been clearer.

  • The world’s most powerful adoption analytics

    Track adoption rates in your business at team, office, regional and global perspectives.

  • Stay on course and maintain momentum

    Monitor and improve performance across your entire SaaS ecosystem from within one adoption platform.

Join the adoption revolution

You'll be in good company—some of the world's most innovative businesses are already ahead of the software adoption curve thanks to AppLearn and ADOPT.

Hilton, Rolls Royce, Bacardi, Barclays Bank Plc
ADOPT Strategic Adoption Platform
Joanna Merry, Head of HR EMEA

"AppLearn's ADOPT Platform enabled managers and employees to understand our unique reasons for change and access training exactly when they needed it."

Joanna Merry, Head of HR EMEA
M+W Group

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