Real time adoption analytics. Data driven decision making.

Measure. Act. Improve.

It’s only when you see where and why your software isn’t delivering that you can you start to fix it. ADOPT is a platform that helps managers, business change leaders and those with financial accountability to visualise adoption across their global business centres.

  • See how users respond to new software updates and upgrades
  • Identify the gaps and challenges with software adoption
  • Plan communication interventions such as training or process communications
  • Monitor how content is consumed and track feature usage
  • Measure and improve to drive adoption excellence

Advanced Analytics

ADOPT brings together external usage data from your SaaS software and data from all of ADOPT’s modules like training and communication consumption data; user feedback, polls and survey data.

Advanced Analytics delivers a complete picture of adoption from all your software applications across your entire workforce through one user friendly interface. ADOPT gives you the power to set unique measurements, view performance across your business, act on what you see and measure the results.

ADOPT Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

ADOPT is one of a kind. A platform with the power to view adoption across your business, act on it, and measure the results.

Understanding your adoption picture

Identify gaps and define goals

Different businesses have different ideas of success. ADOPT allows you to create clear KPIs that you can monitor and target for improvement.

Tailored targets, such as the number of support tickets raised or the time taken to complete a specific task, are simple to set up and modify.

Supporting users experiences

Intervene and take action

With targeted analytics, it's possible to identify skill, communication or training gaps and act on them inside the software by using modules within ADOPT.

You can use contextual or manual delivery to intervene, share appropriate content and drive adoption from within your applications, whether it’s for HR, CRM or any other use.

Reduce helpdesk costs and improve productivity

Measure and improve

What’s the point of action without measurement? With ADOPT, you can see whether your efforts have shifted the adoption needle and made a difference to your end users.

By overlaying ADOPT data against your SaaS software data, you can assess the impact of your decisions and identify further areas for improvement.

Inform decisions and track adoption

Monitor and report

With a custom dashboard displaying the information that matters to you, determining adoption performance over time couldn't be simpler.

By setting up and scheduling reports as and when you need them, you can ensure you’re constantly informed and up to date with your company’s overall progress.

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