ADOPT: Multi-application user adoption, all in one place.

Work and learn. Motivate and improve.

ADOPT has a unique set of innovative features that help employees engage with and use software in a productive, transformative way. It’s the all-in-one toolset for driving adoption excellence throughout a business.

  • Built with simplicity in mind, tools like Split Screen provide on demand training and support directly from within your various applications.
  • Smart Pages provide Just in Time communication to inform users of best practices or changes to process or functionality.
  • These tools use multi-media content styles including video, pdf and e-learning, and are the catalyst that helps you get more from your investment in technology.

ADOPT for Employees

Key features

ADOPT for Employees delivers just-in-time learning via powerful integrated features and communication tools to make SaaS adoption issues a thing of the past.

On-the-job learning

Split Screen

To succeed, adoption needs to be as user-friendly as possible. Enable your team to work and learn at the same time and transform the way people access support with Split Screen.

Intelligent content delivery

Split Screen’s algorithms can identify key words and phrases within any application to serve up relevant information.

Push content

Allows project teams to push crucial content via Split Screen at key times, depending on internal or seasonal requirements.

Make crucial interventions

Smart Pages

Smart Pages allows you to create interim pages that slot in to your users‘ workflow, allowing you to communicate with them as they are actually interacting with your software.

Communication Change

Smart Pages allows you to alert people to important changes to processes or systems whenever you want, whether in advance or just in time.

Targeted Change

Create different Smart Pages for different groups or processes and ensure tailored content is current and relevant.

Custom tutorials

Training On Demand

With ADOPT, you can create coaching materials and broadcast through the training module to your users while they're in-application for an immersive experience.

There when users need it

Put the right content in front of the right people at the right time with dynamic playlists based on language, software, profile and behavior.

Whenever, wherever

On demand access and multi-bitrate delivery mean suitable content is always available, whatever network speed your people have to hand.

Effective Networking

Social Connect

The Social Connect module brings the power of ADOPT to your social network, adding new possibilities for messaging and sharing.

Platform integration

Log in to your social network from within the ADOPT Control Centre to open new channels for sharing and distributing useful content.

Optimised messaging

It’s easy to connect the ADOPT Social Messenger to internal and external social applications to ensure important messages hit their mark.

Packaged Resources


ADOPT Mail gives you the power to create and send engaging, content rich emails with speed - to any device at any time.

Search, select, send

Choose from our library of templates to accelerate email creation that’s aligned with your brand and communication goals.

Mobile Ready

Extend your reach with mobile-ready messages, so you can reach your team when they’re on the move.

Guided hands-on learning


Create tailored trails that guide users through communication and training activities step by step, putting you in control, but allowing users to learn by doing.

Overcome obstacles

Link content from ADOPT to build deliberate trails and share them with your user groups to set people off on the right path.

Create an audit trail

Know who’s working on what with clear visibility of team and personal contribution within project and content based audit trails.

Gauge user perceptions


Understand collective opinion by creating polls designed to identify common understanding, perception or feeling towards software, processes and projects.

Poll publishing

Share polls internally, by integrating them into your applications or intranet, or externally, to improve your external facing information.

Poll results

Present poll results to participants as they contribute, allowing them to see collective opinion on certain business, process or cultural issues.

Value your users’ opinions


ADOPT gathers responses from users, giving you relevant insights from the people that matter so you can be informed when making key decisions.

Be there at the point of need

Ask users the right questions at the right time by integrating feedback requests into their workflow.

Process specific prompts

With contextual automation, you can ensure feedback is relevant by asking questions whenever particular business processes occur.

Use feedback to inform deeper adoption


The survey tool can be used to gain a deeper understanding of end user perceptions and feelings about internal topics.

Population search

Ensure that you gain a sufficiently diverse set of responses by establishing and searching defined groups within your database.

Flexible publication

Share surveys using the communication tool or publish them to your intranet or other internal channels.

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