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The ADOPT admin panel gives project teams the power to administer all aspects of the platform, from analysis to intervention. It’s the catalyst that ensures forward-thinking companies get legitimate returns on their investments.

  • Publish, manage and distribute training content from ADOPT to inside applications while users are using them.
  • Deliver targeted communications and in-app notifications at a moment’s notice, integrating with existing channels where desired.
  • Genuinely measure software adoption, report on ROI and respond to findings with focused actions.

ADOPT for Project Teams

Key features

ADOPT's admin panel for Project Teams lets those responsible for business performance manage adoption streamlining the effort - from content delivery to planning and ongoing measurement from one central place.

Intelligence, delivered

Content Cloud

Take advantage of best-in-class content management and collaboration features that allow you to publish and integrate your content across your applications.

Built for business

Integrate content with existing systems, automate or instigate distribution based on usage data and enable your software to drive true ROI.

Highly secure

With support for single sign-on, file encryption, permissions and access settings, you can focus on your project instead of worrying about security.

Work together to drive adoption

My Team

Whether promoting a new initiative, building awareness or responding to change, My Team is where you build virtual teams and begin to collaborate.

Share tasks

Share project tasks quickly and easily, enabling multiple team members to contribute to the creation of project critical information.

Cross department collaboration

Ensure that your experts are working on the right things at the right time, maximising personal skills to deliver successful outcomes.

Create your adoption timeline

Project Sheets

Create process specific calendars and schedule activities ahead of time to assist your implementation plan and base content publication on real deadlines.

Date create

Whether allocating tasks or scheduling content delivery, all tasks are made easier with date create. It’s even MS Project compatible.

Project visibility

Share visibility of your project plan to easily provide progress reports in key project meetings or direct to project stakeholders.

Let data do the hard work


ADOPT Automation gives you the power to create rules by which to deliver content, such as time, usage or events, and reduce the need for manual interventions.

Tackle skills gaps

Identify performance issues and missing skills with ADOPT and set rules to help users be successful.

Automatic actions

Automate everything from system updates and training delivery to company-wide messages and important notices.

In-depth, at a glance

Core Analytics

ADOPT's Core Analytics leverages our purpose built data architecture to bring all of your adoption data together in one consolidated place.

Instant overview

Get a visual summary of your information, from content performance to user responses, side by side.

Correlated information

Identify trends and opportunities in your communication, training and feedback data to improve subsequent actions.

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