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ADOPT – Redefining the future of business

How ADOPT stands in its own marketplace.


Technology underpins the future of business. It’s the catalyst businesses need to create and shape the world in which they, and their end users live.


Implementing technology in business means doing something different, smarter or better that will make a positive difference; Streamlining processes, improving productivity, data accuracy, efficiency and human engagement.

Simple web applications like Google Docs lend to their ease of use and the way they simplify processes. Google Docs understood that software and usability should go hand in hand. Simple software made for a simpler understanding.

What AppLearn found, is that whilst it was easy to implement these simple tools and technologies, business software is a much more intricate force.

It’s because of this, and people’s adversity to change, that digital transformation projects are failing. With 75% projects unsuccessfully delivering their intended value (Gartner). Enterprises are struggling to manage change properly with old-school change management processes.

Enterprise SaaS applications, such as Success Factors, Cornerstone and Workday, are being implemented without certifying user understanding of the software and the value of the change to them.

Users struggle to adopt business software, because it’s complex and it’s hard to get used to a new system when there’s a change project in place.

Available Support systems are outdated, inefficient and costly; support desks, support forums, classroom training and online FAQ’s to name a few.

Users should be able to access on-demand, in device support in the same way they access support in their social and digital world.

ADOPT, by AppLearn, fulfils the need for on-demand support at ease. A multi-app software platform, designed to help users on demand one-to-one. ADOPT makes business software simple, straight-forward and smarter, with a suite of in-app and out of app tools, that deliver and guide a user’s journey through any SaaS application.

A powerful platform which slots comfortably around any SaaS application; including the likes of Workday, Success Factors and Salesforce. Powerful enough to support any SaaS applications global workforce.

ADOPT has a unique set of innovative features that help users engage with and use software in an innovative, transformative way. Making working and learning a collaborative process.

Built with simplicity in mind, tools like Split Screen provide on demand training and support directly in-app. Smart Pages provide just in time communication to inform users of best practices or changes to process or functionality. These tools, and more, echo the social stream activity we’re used to in our lives. With multi-media content including video, pdf’s and pop-outs.

Businesses can harness the power of ADOPT’s Advanced Analytics to track content and training consumption with system usage data and support ticket data to analyse and act on gaps. Optimising the usage of their software investment.

But ADOPT is not plug-and-play. It understands there is no one size fits all solution for digital transformation projects.

AppLearn knows that software is at its most effective when it’s designed to support and encourage behaviours and processes that lead to success. This is what will continue to nurture its remarkable company ethos; ADOPT, we make business software simple.

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