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AppLearn announces new Advanced Analytics module

The market leading adoption platform releases its most dynamic feature yet.

Manchester, UK – 13h June 2017:  Today, AppLearn have announced the release of their exciting new Advanced Analytics module. No other digital adoption platform currently offers analytics of this calibre as a module within their platform.

ADOPT, by software innovator AppLearn is a game changer in software adoption. It’s revolutionising the way businesses rollout and implement SaaS applications.

Andrew Barlow, Director of Product Strategy at AppLearn said: “Advanced Analytics is what defines us as a software adoption platform. It separates us from the legion of available SaaS walkthrough tools which don’t compare to what we do.

“It’s only when you see where and why your software isn’t delivering that you can start to fix it. Our Advanced Analytics module helps managers, leaders in business development and those with financial accountability to visualise adoption across global business centres.”

With the introduction of Advanced Analytics, organisations can bring together external usage data from their SaaS software, support ticket data and consumption data from all ADOPT’s modules like Split Screen, Smart Pages and Feedback.

Advanced Analytics delivers a full picture of user adoption across enterprise workforces. But still manages to retain a clear and user-friendly interface.

With a custom dashboard displaying the information that matters to the business leader, determining their employee’s adoption performance couldn’t be simpler.

Within ADOPT, organisations can set unique measurements, view performance across their business, identify skill, communication and training gaps, act on what they see and measure the results.

ADOPT caters for every organisation’s specific adoption needs, business targets can be easily tailored. Whether the business wants to look at the number of support tickets raised or the time taken to complete a specific task.

By setting up and scheduling reports as and when needed, businesses can ensure they’re constantly informed and up to date with their organisations overall progress.

With Advanced Analytics, businesses can harness the power of adoption data to deliver software performance and value.

To see a demo of the ADOPT platform and see how Advanced Analytics could benefit your business follow the link below:


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AppLearn is the global leader in software adoption. It’s platform, ADOPT, is pioneered from years of research in a market which is expected to be worth $124bn by 2017. ADOPT draws on AppLearn’s extensive knowledge of IT and software adoption to deliver the world’s most powerful, most effective adoption tool. Working alongside over 40 global enterprises. With 5 million users, in 172 countries, in 34 languages. Every second of every day, enterprises are using AppLearn’s insights to make their software implementation a success.

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