Quality content should be a cornerstone of your adoption strategy

It’s no secret that the quality of available materials has a direct relationship with the quality of learning. This is no different for adoption outcomes during any business change project.

For sustained uptake of a new software, it’s important that users understand why they are being asked to engage with a platform and that specific reasons are communicated in a language that connects.

ADOPT can already show you when your content isn’t delivering the engagement that effective learning requires. Now, AppLearn offer a comprehensive content creation service to help you address any issues.

So why consider outsourcing your training and support content?
  • Not all businesses have the internal resource or capacity to develop high-quality training materials in-house.
  • Basic training and support material that focuses on system functionality without any further reinforcement loses currency very quickly.
  • It's a challenge, even for large businesses, to deliver content in multiple languages — never mind tailoring it to specific cultures and contexts.

Want to know what excellent adoption content looks like? See for yourself.

AppLearn Content Creation

Content services

We've built our reputation on our comprehensive understanding of the SaaS platforms businesses rely on and how to help users adopt them. If you need content to champion change, we’ll help you deliver it.

Informed by years of research

Engage and train

We create content that does more than train. Using AppLearn's detailed research, we ensure that while your workforce are learning about software, they’re also learning about your wider vision.

To achieve lasting adoption, users must understand and embrace the company strategy, culture and methods. We clearly and concisely link task level messages to the change initiative at the very top level by aligning key processes with wider communications.

High quality branded content

On demand and on brand

The best training and support content is appropriate for its audience. That's why we work with you to understand your business, your brand and your unique characteristics before writing a word.

Whether designing interactive documents, creating animations or filming a presenter in our studios, our experienced editorial and design team produce content that accurately conveys your key messages in a style and tone that works.

Updatable materials

Stay up to speed

Cloud services have regular updates and change cycles, but we'll help you adapt to anything from a functional face lift to a visual overhaul.

AppLearn’s consultants make rapid, in-depth knowledge of updates to major platforms a main priority. This means we are perfectly positioned to deliver changes to your training materials as and when new versions arrive from software vendors.

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