Understanding the problem

So why has adoption become the leading issue in cloud software?

Because the game has changed. And so have our expectations.

Our expectations of high-quality content and ongoing support have shifted due to our regular exposure to smart support technologies in the B2C world.

Because software is updated at an unrelenting pace

As businesses place their trust in cloud platforms to deliver the innovation they need, they also have to manage the frequency of software updates and changes.

Because the world expects better digital experiences

Technology is central to our lives and we are quickly frustrated by bad experiences. We expect speed-of-use alongside ease-of-use and demand excellent design.

…and the result?

Businesses are losing billions in underutilised software licenses due to adoption challenges in an enterprise environment.

So what's the real impact on business performance?

Let's assume an optimistic adoption rate of 50% following initial investment.

  1. 40K on licenses @$150 per employee


  2. 7 help desk staff @ $70k pa salary


  3. HR investment in change resource and training


  4. $6.9m

    Your total investment

…and the return on your investment

$ 6.9m

x50% adoption rate

= $ 3.45m lost in investment

That's why we created ADOPT

Note: The above is an example only to explain the principle.

One platform for true value from every application.

ADOPT's crossover adoption platform allows CIOs, HR leaders and the people responsible for delivering enterprise performance management (EPM) to deliver smart, efficient adoption across their entire business cloud.

ADOPT for HR and Learning

One-to-one training 
for your entire workforce

ADOPT works across communications, contextual learning and integrated in-application learning to ensure uptake never drops off. Whatever challenge your team are facing, you can store and publish appropriate messages and materials from the centrally managed Content Cloud.

ADOPT for Employees

ADOPT for Change Management

Visualise adoption with real-time analytics

ROI and improving performance are the driving forces behind ADOPT. For leaders, this means championing your change vision across your business with advanced analytics and insights that lead to cost-savings and sustained productivity gains.

Advanced Analytics

ADOPT for Enterprise Scalability

Built for the real needs of multi-SaaS global businesses

ADOPT works business-wide across any application, providing one seamless user experience and one super-powered analytics platform. It's the only all-in-one solution for a global view of software adoption, across all your applications and in all your countries.

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